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 That's pretty much how Eman got his followers. He would approach them and ask for them to follow. After the customary refusal, Eman performed a miracle that sealed the deal. Simple rinse and repeat.

 But for Lorenzo, the situation changed.

 In the cafeteria, Eman spoke of the good news, and the coming of a new administration. Again, nothing too different. After his speech, Eman went calmly to the lunch line, and bought his lunch: a hot dog and chocolate milk. At the checkout, Lorenzo scanned the food in and added the 'service fee.' The total came to $7.50, an outrageous sum for so little food. The service fee made the checkout workers easy pickings as examples of the widespread corruption in the school. Most checkout workers had to do the job to support their families, and to pay for their schooling. After the school finished embezzling most of the funds, the workers got less than minimum wage and had to find a way to make enough money to survive, and that extra source of income ended up being the service fee.

 Eman had the money to pay for the fee, everyone did. But he gave Lorenzo a ten-dollar bill. After paying for his meal, Eman quietly asked for Lorenzo to join him as a follower.

 "Who, me? I'm just a checkout worker, you would hate to be associated with me," a befuddled Lorenzo responded.

 Eman just shrugged and walked out of line. Lorenzo just looked down at his register and considered his options. If he left his job, right now, his source of income for lunch most likely would be gone. If he stayed, he would remain in a job that did nothing for his social standing or conscience. Gathering up the strength for leaving wasn't too hard, though, once he saw the shock on the faces of the other students waiting in line for his checkout counter.

 The new recruit spread confusion in the crowd. "Isn't he a checkout worker? Why would Eman want to be associated with him?" Variations on this could be heard throughout the crowd. Some went so far as to boo the visibly afraid ex-checkout worker.

 "Quiet," came a voice.

 Eman stood there, watching over the crowd, and he noted the lunch supervisors in the corner, who took notes on the content of Eman's speeches.

 "I came here not to help people who are content. If a person is happy, there can be no changing them, but a person who is sad wants something better, and I offer that. Anyone here who can say that Lorenzo here is happy, please raise your hand."


 "Well, don't go judging my friends. Perhaps you could look into your lives and see why I pick my followers. I'm not picking the worst people. I pick the ones who have good in their hearts and can change."

 With that, Eman went to Lorenzo's table, and started to eat with him.

 "Did you see him?" Went the teachers, "He is eating with the people you hate! How can you trust a leader who dines with your version of evil?"

 Not too many people paid attention to these claims, but words are like glue. They stick, and it will be too late when you realize you're covered in them.

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